Basic rules of Slavic card game

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For the rules of the Slavic card I will explain in the main part of playing because the rules, yo will have more subs. Depending on the website, it will determine the rules of the main game, although it is not difficult. But you should know Because if you don’t know, you may miss the game. As I said, it can always turn and lose. by the main rules The game will be as follows.

Basic rules of Slavic card game

card score

The score sequence or points of the cards in the game are divided into 2 parts that must be viewed together, namely the points of the cards and the flowers of the cards, which are calculated as the points of the UFABET cards as follows

The points of the cards are arranged from the lowest point to the highest point.

  • 3 is the lowest point (Players who get 3♣ clubs will start playing first)
  • The sequence of other card scores is like this: 4 < 5 < 6 < … J < Q < K < A.
  • 2 is the highest score
  • Three or four cards are the biggest cards. in that play (depending on whether the hand is playing odd or even I’ll explain about playing cards in the next section)

The flowers of the cards are arranged from smallest to largest.

  • clubs ♣
  • Diamond rice ♦
  • Red hearts or hearts ♥
  • Pho Dam ♠

I will give an example of how to score according to the points of the cards as follows.

Example 1 : The card in the most recent pile is 5 ♥ , the number of cards is 1, the next card the player can land is

  1. The cards with one higher value are 6 to 2.
  2. Cards of the same rank but the suit must be bigger is 5♠.
  3. Tong (anything)

Example 2  : The most recent pair of cards are 7 ♥ and 7 ♦ .

  1. The pair of cards with a higher value of 1 pair is a pair of 8 or more.
  2. Pairs of the same rank but with bigger suit are 7♠ and 7♣ (count the biggest suit Here is a spade ♠ )
  3. 4 cards of the same number (any card but 4 cards must be of the same number)

playing cards

The playing of cards in the Slavic game is divided into 2 types, which are even and odd cards. We won’t be able to go in pairs. Which card will be played depends on the person who entered the first in that round is the one who determines it. The playing of cards has the following format:

  • Single Card : Is to deal with a single card. The next person must play a higher single card or a triple card, unable to play a pair or four cards.
  • Pair Card : Is playing 2 cards of the same rank. The next player must deal a higher pair or 4 cards dealt a single card. or not playing cards
  • Three cards : are three cards of the same number. When someone has played the card The next player must land only the higher one. If not, start a new round.
  • Fourth card : is playing 4 cards of the same number. Once 4 cards have been dealt, the next player must deal 4 higher cards, if not, start a new round.