Highlights of Slavic cards

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is thinking play However, luck is still very effective in this card game. If the cards keep getting better until the end of the hand can do it But if the cards don’t start well, it may take quite a bit of thinking. But in the end, it might lose to the same lucky person. For example, I’ve met people who have received 3 sets of Tongs in the past, playing only a few rounds and that player won. But the fun of the Slavic card game has many interesting points as follows:

Highlights of Slavic cards
  • Player Championships – All players must compete against each other indefinitely. until someone asks to pass When the players have less left, there will be a punch-to-fist fight. They alternated down until they were able to win almost completely. Sometimes it’s just the bigger cards. and then win
  • Planning – playing Slavic cards besides luck Planning is important having big cards Too much of a rush may make it harder for the smaller cards to fall in your hand. You need to plan out the small cards well as well.
  • Winnings – As I said, there are always win-wins in this UFABET game. How fun would it be if you were a Slav in the first turn and you turned the Kings in the second turn?

Personally, for me, in many of the first rounds, people don’t try to compete to be kings. because going up high and then falling What’s so hurtful? Most of them will aim for the Queen position more and then go up to defeat the Kings. For a game that has a point payout system of some kind Kings that fall will lose quite a lot.