How to count dummy points

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The count of points is divided according to the card group as follows:

  • The spateau card consists of 2♣Q♠, the highest value in the game is 50 points, except when it is in the head card, it is doubled worth 100 points.
  • Every face H (A) card is worth 15 points.
  • All 10 / J / Q / K face cards (except Q♠ ) are worth 10 points each.
  • All numeric face cards (except 2♣) are worth 5 points each.
How to count dummy points

Conditions for deduction of points

In addition to deducting points from discarding cards There are also other conditions that can cause players to be deducted more than usual, mainly.

  • Discard and Discard full will be deducted immediately 100 points. For example, Player 1 places 5♣5♠5♦ and in the discard pile there are 6♥ and 7♥, but Player 4 discards 5♥. It’s a dump and a full dump.
  • Discard Pi-head and Discard-pipe. 100 points are also deducted. For example, the UFABET header is 10♠, the first player discards J♠ and the third player puts 10♠J♠Q♠. In this round, the player The first person will be deducted 100 points.
  • In addition to collecting one-eye cards Can result in more than one player being deducted at the same time. for example In the discard pile, there are cards K♠, the 4th player discards A♠, the 2nd person discards the 3rd J♠, collects them to form a set of J♠Q♠K♠A♠ in that round, causing the 4th and 2nd people to be broken each. 50 points, the base of discarding Pepeto