How to play Slavic card game

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The purpose of this Slavic card game is First to discard all cards from hand only to win The one who wins will be the Kings. And those who are the last to lose are called Slavs. Is there a way to play, how do you see it? I’ll give an example of playing with 4 players because it’s the easiest to find.

How to play Slavic card game
  1. 1 deck of UFABET cards distributed to everyone equally. Each will get 13 cards each.
  2. The person who will play the first card is the person who has a 3♣ in their hand and must place the 3♣ in the middle.
  3. The direction of the loop is clockwise. or anti-clockwise
  4. Players must always place cards with a higher value than the cards in the pot.
  5. A player who does not have a card to land must ask, pass , and will not play again in that round.
  6. If no player places a higher card than the pot, then the round is over. To remove the pile of cards from the game. and the player who was the last to get down first and play this game until the cards are out of the hands of all players
  7. The player who runs out of cards first becomes a King. The player who runs out after the first one becomes a Queen . The player who runs out of cards the last one is called the Vice-slav and the last one is called the Slav.

In most games, each player will try to play the cards with the lowest points first, because the low points will not get less. And it stays in our hands for quite a long time. Many times I even have to try to get the cards with high points. Fight so that the next turn will be the first to land. Then remove the low card from the hand, and even if the rules say that the lowest point is 3, but if there are more than 2 3 cards, it becomes a triple card. That means our number 3 card is not low. Plan your cards well.