Klopp refutes, lies, confirms that he was threatened by Pao and gave red, so the revenge was broken.

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Jurgen Klopp has shed some light on referee Paul Tierney’s remarks in Liverpool’s brutal win over Tottenham Hotspur after telling him he would give him a red card. despite not doing anything serious. At best, it’s just a yellow card.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has slammed a liar after the English Football Referee Commission ( PGMOL) Checked the communications equipment and did not find that Paul Tierney spoke as badly as he had been impersonating by confirming that the said pao threatened to give him a red card Even though it should be just a yellow card At the end of the UFABET game, the opening nest slashed Tottenham Hotspur in a thrilling 4-3 on Sunday, April 30th.

Klopp refutes, lies, confirms that he was threatened by Pao and gave red, so the revenge was broken.

German grandmaster Extremely happy after Diogo Jota scored the winning goal for the Reds to win in stoppage time. Despite having just been hit by Richarlison, the golden  spur chicken followed the rivalry 1 minute earlier. Plus he was dissatisfied with Mohamed Salah not having a foul. So he ran into John Brooks, who fourth judge along with shouting with satisfaction. That’s why he received a yellow card. After the game, there was an interview that Sing the black shirt spoke badly to him as well. But didn’t say what to say

The latest Deutsche trainer Come out to answer the said words, stating that “The whole situation should not have happened at all. it comes from emotion anger at that time That’s why I have to celebrate that way. I didn’t say anything wrong. I couldn’t get close to the fourth referee. And I didn’t want to get close to him either. Paul Tierney came in and I don’t think I got a red card. I expected to get a yellow card. He said to me, “ If it was me, this was already a red card. But it was because of the fourth referee that it was only yellow. ” He handed me a yellow card and smiled at me. That’s it. Red card for what? Then I tried to calm down and it didn’t work. I’ve done all the interviews. I said what I said that he said was not okay.

At the same time, Klopp, who has recovered quickly. After injuring his hamstring during the run for the celebrations, Young also admitted that a number of things had led to possible penalties because the referee thought he had doubted their integrity. Which if during that time He sat calm down here, he probably wouldn’t do it, had to wait and see. What punishment will they come back with?

Tierney will not be refereeing this weekend But he will be the fourth referee for West Ham United’s game against Manchester United on Sunday May 7 and in the VAR room for Nottingham Forest’s game against Southampton . The next day, Liverpool will have a program against Fulham at Anfield on Wednesday,