Mourinho refused to return to “Chelsea” for the third round, saying that he was not available to talk now.

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Italian media hit the news! Jose Mourinho is not interested in negotiating with Chelsea, who wants to return to coaching again for a third round, with Mourinho stating he is now interested in his current job at AS Roma in Serie A. Ria a Italy only Although there are rumors that many teams are interested in having to control the UFABET team

Corriere dello Sport, the famous sports media in Italy. News reports about the future of the team of Jose Mourinho, head coach AS Roma, the famous football club in the Italian Serie A Serie A, rumored to have many clubs in Europe. And clubs outside of Europe are interested in taking him. As Mourinho is under contract with Roma until the summer of 2024.

Mourinho refused to return to "Chelsea" for the third round, saying that he was not available to talk now.

The report states that the team “Sing Bulls” Chelsea. A leading club in English Premier League football. After having just dismissed manager Graeme Potter from his position several days ago is looking for a new coach. News that Jose Mourinho is one of the candidates at the famous team of London want to come back to work and control the team again. After coaching the team 2 times and the results are considered successful at a satisfactory level.

When representatives of Chelsea contacted Jose Mourinho to negotiate and submit an offer. But received a refusal from Mourinho, who immediately replied without thinking too much He is now focused on staying at Roma, although his contract expires in the summer of 2024.

There is news that Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese coach Was of interest to teams such as Paris Saint – Germain. French Ligue 1 giant club, Al-Nasser billionaire club in the Football League Saudi Arabia. And the Brazilian national team, but still no deal has been negotiated. happening now