Playing of Slavic card game

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Playing cards in this Slavic card game The cards must always have a higher value than the cards in the pile. will be higher with score Or just the flowers of the cards. but can’t lower The first person to start is the person who has 3 ♣ in their hand. There are 2 types of playing cards, odd and even cards. I will not be able to post another card. It will be described separately as follows.

Playing of Slavic card game

Odd Card – This is a 1 card or 3 card to be discarded in the middle. If the first person in the round starts playing with an odd card. The next player must discard the odd card until the end of the round. Pair or 4 cards cannot be discarded unless the player wants to separate the pairs by themselves. There is always a higher score than a single card.

Pair – This is a 2 or 4 card that is discarded into the community card. If the first player in the round plays with a pair of cards. The rest must play a pair of cards until the end of the round. The 4 cards always have a higher score than the pair.

I will give an example of playing cards to see easily. Maybe I will add a few basic techniques in case the readers are interested to use them to play.

Example 1 In normal play, all players will try to discard low score cards. As soon as possible as shown in the image below. From the picture, the cards that I can discard must not be less than 7, I can’t discard 3 anymore, which 3 is the UFABET card that I have to remove as quickly as possible. Because the score is very low, the chance to get down is very low.

Example 2 From the picture below, I’ll show you how to play odd cards. From the picture, it can be seen that other players are playing the same cards. Then I’m going to put 3 cards in a row. and have the same flower Some may not play cards in a row. and this sort of card is worth less than a thong), which the arranged card is worth more than a single card

Example 3 is that there are already 8 cards in the pile, which is considered a high score, but I still have higher than Q and Tong 2, I will choose to go down to Q first in case there are people who have higher Followed by Tong 2, which is the most valuable for a single card, anyway I will definitely continue playing. When starting the next round, I put J to close the game and win. Once in a while, I will get a card like this.