put up with! ‘Ghost’ hopes to borrow ‘Pulisic’, reserve wing ‘Sing’, use 1 season

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Manchester United are still looking for players to strengthen before the transfer window closes. By hoping to borrow Christian Pulisic from Chelsea’s reserve. But will have to compete with Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Newcastle who are also interested.

The Athletic , reliable media in the elite English Premier League team Manchester United are reportedly interested in loaning United States winger Christian Pulisic to Chelsea’s league rivals. Come dragged to the place of Old Trafford during the opening of the first round of players. After the player himself was unable to secure a starting position at Stamford Bridge.

put up with! 'Ghost' hopes to borrow 'Pulisic', reserve wing 'Sing', use 1 season

The 23-year-old has also attracted interest from Atletico Madrid Juventus and Newcastle United ,has failed to prove himself since leaving the Borussia d’Or. Dortmund joined the Blues for a fee of 58 million pounds or about 2,485 million baht 3 years ago. Mostly playing a role as a backup. along with injury problems

While United , under the supervision of a new coach, Erik ten Hag, has not been able to increase the efficiency of attacking opponents satisfactorily. The first two games of the season were defeated in the nest against Brighton 1-2 and defeated in a shambles against Brentford 0-4, which the goal was scored from the opponent’s own goal. Indicates a lack of sharpness in the offensive game.

For this reason, the Dutch Grandmaster So hoped to negotiate to borrow. The American midfielder went to work to fix problems in the front and finish off the opponent. While the players themselves are ready to move the team as well. To have the opportunity to regularly play on the field. Before going to serve Uncle Sam’s team for the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar at the end of this year. 

According to reports. The navy blue lion Welcome to the offer of Pulisic has two years left on his current contract by German coach Thomas Tuchel. Currently improving the efficiency of their team’s offensive line. Because in the past. Often used quite a waste of opportunity. But we’ll have to wait and see. They will send their players to rival clubs in the league. Or will let the UFABET team in another league on loan