“Rashford” showman takes a girl to escape from a group of drunks in the pub

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Impressive woman! The Aston Villa female football team reveals the most impressive events. “Rashford” shows a gentleman. Help her escape from the drunken men in the pub. along with inviting them to sit at the table together for safety

British media reports the news of the most impressive events of the football industry. That happened in April, Marcus Rashford, the center striker of the UFABET team “Red Devils” Manchester United, the English Premier League giants, has shown a gentleman. give help Aston Villa women footballers being harassed in a pub

"Rashford" showman takes a girl to escape from a group of drunks in the pub

The incident took place at the China White pub in Manchester. Aston Villa striker Elisha Lehmann visiting the pub. And surrounded by a group of drunk men while intoxicated Luckily, on the same day, Marcus Rashford was in the same pub. and witnessed the incident. Therefore came to help by escorting Swiss female soccer player come out of that point

More reports that Rashford has managed to clear and invite Elisha and friends to sit at the table together, where Rashford knows who Elisha is by talking 2-3 sentences and A Licha thanked him before leaving for the party, saying Rashford was a true gentleman.

However, Elisha Lehmann, a 24-year-old young striker from Switzerland Playing for Aston Villa in the English Women’s Super League, making 40 appearances and scoring 5 goals.