Ratcliff with ‘Man Utd’ takeover if Glazer sells

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British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has confirmed he wants to own Manchester United. If the Glazer family decides to sell the club. Pointing out that it’s time for the Red Devils to start over.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a rich man Interested in buying Manchester United. If the Glazer family agrees to sell after being swarmed by Red Devils fans frequently in recent times. Because looking at come in for profit only and demanding that the team be sold to other capital groups

Ratcliff with 'Man Utd' takeover if Glazer sells

According to Bloomberg, the Glazer family are willing to sell a minority stake at the club. In exchange for a large sum of 5,000 billion pounds or about 216.4 billion baht. While a spokesman for Ratcliffe came out to confirm with The Times  the British media that. Want to buy the whole club business Not just a small share.

If the club sells , Jim is definitely a potential buyer. Said a representative of the city’s richest man and a devotee of the Red Devils . We are interested in talking to long-term owners. This has nothing to do with money invested or not invested, Jim is looking at what can be done now and knowing how important the UFABET club is to the city. He felt like it was the right time to start all over again.”

United have been in bad shape since Sir Alex Ferguson resigned as manager in 2013 and haven’t won a trophy since 2017. There have been several fan protests against the Glazer family’s administration in recent times. last year Including in May 2021, which caused the Red Devils ‘ home league game against Liverpool to be postponed. And they are planning to protest again in the nest that will meet the Reds on Monday, August 22.

Earlier in May , Ratcliffe wanted to take over Chelsea from ex-Russian owner Roman Abramovich as well, with a £4.25bn offer but was unsuccessful. Before becoming Todd Bohly, billionaire Dan Uncle Sam was the owner of the Blues team .