The media revealed that after 4 months, “Ronaldo” wants to move from the Saudi league.

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Pointed back to the old nest! The fierce bull media hit the news Cristiano Ronaldo to trade in the league. The Saudi is only four months away from Al-Nasser and may return to Real Madrid in La Liga, the home ground that offered him the job.

El Nacional is a famous Spanish newspaper. News reports that Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football superstar. of the Al-Nasser team famous UFABET football league club Saudi Arabia who recently moved to football in the oil millionaires’ territory In January, at a price of 175 million pounds, or about 7.45 billion Thai baht per year, by signing a contract until 2025.

The media revealed that after 4 months, "Ronaldo" wants to move from the Saudi league.

The report states that Cristiano Ronaldo. After moving to show his footsteps in the Saudi Arabian league for 4 months, has shown satisfactory results. With 15 appearances and 12 goals, the club’s performance has been reversed, with Al-Nasser looking to lose the Football League title. After three points from leaders Al-Ittihad. points, plus playing more than 1 game and previously eliminated in 2 football cups

According to the aforementioned situation, El Nacional states that Cristiano Ronaldo has received an offer from Real Madrid, the Spanish La Liga giants, Ronaldo’s former club. Used to play football in a time when the form was still hot Initially, the team “White King” offers him a job as a “club ambassador”

In addition, the former media said that Ronaldo’s wife. Georgina Rodriguez was unhappy living in the Middle East. by wanting to return to live in Madrid of Spain as well Whether or not such a deal will actually happen or not will have to wait and see, because there will be a small contract clause if Ronaldo leaves the team before 2025.