The origin of the Slavic cards

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The origin of the Slavic cards is unclear. But it is said that Slavic cards originated in China in 1970 and later in the 1980s became a popular card game in Japan and have added rules. There are many ways to play the game. And it is also believed that This Slavic card game is the birthplace of the popular Western-style President Ashole Arshole card game.

Slavic cards have a concept from the medieval war period. When a war breaks out. The winner will be the King, the loser must be a slave, and each card is like a soldier. Playing is like going to war. Use your strategy to fight to become king. Might look a bit harsh But this UFABET card game is fun in that it’s planning a war. I quite like it because those who seem to win. may lose at any time If you miss a single step Because the game can be flipped at any time.

The origin of the Slavic cards

What are Slavic cards?

Slave is a type of card game that will use at least 3 players and a maximum of 8 people. But most popularly played with 4 and 6 people. By the way All players in this game must try to discard all cards from their hands as quickly as possible. They take turns placing cards in the middle of the circle. By the cards that are placed each time must always be higher than the cards in the pot. If there is no higher card in the pile Lets start over with the person who placed the last one started. The person can discard all cards first will be the King and the last person will be the Slav (Slave). 

Slavic cards are rarely found in casinos. Most of them are just fun games. This game can be played by all ages. To play on the web online to compete with other players. You will find it like most online games.