What is dummy?

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If talking about a type of card game, what kind of card game do you think is worth playing? Personally, Add thinks that dummy cards are very interesting to play. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to this card, what is a dummy card? You will definitely know more about the basics of dummy. Let’s go check it out.

What is dummy?

It is a card game of matching or sorting, originating from Spain. It is another fun card game. to be outspoken and skill in playing is highly It’s called playing cards against the masters that have it all. As for how to play, there will be 2-4 players based on reading the UFABET cards on the opponent’s hand. and will take a long time to playby playing to win Players must combine cards in their hand to form a set of three. or arrange from 3 or more cards by drawing method or collecting cards from the midfield and discarding 1 card instead, whichever has completed the set of cards on the hand first And the only card left in the hand is the winner or called “knock”

Basic dummy that you need to know

In addition to cards, in playing dummy, the number of players will also affect the deal. The more people, the less the number of cards. For example, if there are 2 people, they will receive 11 cards each. If 3 people play, they will get 9 cards each. But if 4 people play, they will get 7 cards. Most of them are popular with 4. people because the number of cards in the hand will not be too much In addition, the time spent playing each round is good.