Half-numb limbs, crooked mouth, danger signs “Cerebral artery”

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When the patient was born Stroke It will cause blood flow to the brain to decrease. There was an injury to the brain tissue in that area. Cause brain function to be abnormal or lost.“If you have symptoms of weakness in one half of your arms and legs, numbness in one half, distorted mouth, difficulty swallowing, not being able to speak, listening, not understanding language, seeing double vision, walking staggering, blurred vision, not being able to balance, or having a severe headache like never before. It is current and immediate. It happened immediately.” Please hurry to the hospital immediately. Because these symptoms may be dangerous signs of a stroke.

Half-numb limbs, crooked mouth, danger signs "Cerebral artery"

Cerebrovascular disease can be divided into 2 main types:

Cerebral ischemic stroke is found in 80 – 85% of cases. It can occur for many reasons as follows:

Occurs in patients with atherosclerosis. (Atherosclerosis) The inner walls of blood vessels thicken from accumulated cholesterol plaques. The walls of these blood vessels lose their elasticity and break easily when blood flow hits the blood vessel walls. Small wounds easily form on the inner blood vessel walls. The body creates platelets and membranes to repair. This causes these accumulated stains to become larger and larger. Until finally clogging the blood vessels

It is caused by a blood clot that forms in another area, such as the heart or the large artery in the neck. It travels through the bloodstream and becomes clogged in the blood vessels of the brain.

Caused by disease or other conditions, such as atherosclerosis abnormal blood clotting disorder Rupture of the inner lining of blood vessels, etc.

Cerebral hemorrhage occurs in 15 – 20% of cases. It is caused by blood vessels that are fragile, degenerated, or lose their flexibility. along with having high blood pressure This causes the blood vessels in that area to swell and burst. When a cerebrovascular accident occurs This causes the blood supply to the brain to suddenly decrease and cause cerebral hemorrhage. Resulting in injury to brain tissue. Birth of a disability Or in some cases, it may be so dangerous that it will result in the patient’s death in a short time.

Why do brain arteries become blocked, ruptured, or blocked?

Risk factors that increase the chance of having a stroke include:

*Risk factors that cannot be controlled are age, gender, ยูฟ่าเบท and genetics.

Risk factors that can be controlled include diabetes and high blood pressure. Cholesterol in the arteries heart arrhythmia Moreover, who smokes? Drinking alcohol increases your risk of having a stroke even more.

How to avoid stroke?

Stroke is a disease that is often sudden. Therefore, prevention by reducing risk factors is extremely important with annual health examinations. Control congenital diseases well, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and blood cholesterol levels. Control within normal limits, refrain from alcohol, refrain from smoking, and change lifestyle behaviors accordingly. By eating hygienic food and useful Weight control Reduce consumption of foods that contain saturated fat. Eat more fiber foods. Including exercising regularly.

What should I do?

For patients with acute ischemic stroke, there is currently a blood clot-dissolving drug (rtPA: recombinant tissue plasminogen activator) used to treat acute ischemic stroke. From studying the benefits of receiving this drug When following patients compared to those who did not receive the drug The results showed that it gave better results. The chance of recovering from disability was 30% higher than in the group that did not receive medication from the beginning. until diagnosis and medication Must be within 4.5 hours.

The doctor must have assessed that there are no contraindications to the use of medicine and a blood test according to standard requirements. Including brain x-ray results must be clearly confirmed. that there was no bleeding in the brain before the drug was administered Therefore, you must clearly know the time when symptoms began. And patients should rush to the hospital as soon as possible. This is because the diagnosis process and blood test results according to the required standards take some time.

The key to treating ischemic stroke is to come in for urgent treatment within 4.5 hours. If anyone has these symptoms, don’t be complacent and leave it until it’s too late. Currently, there are medicines that dissolve blood clots that can provide effective treatment. Good results But it must be within the specified period. Increase the chance of getting back to normal. But if left untreated for a long time, the brain is severely damaged. Risk of paralysis Permanent paralysis will be higher. Therefore, the sooner it comes, the more beneficial it is to the patient. The sooner Stroke Fast Track…the higher the chance of survival.